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Organic Farm

Juventa's Organic Farming Division lets you shop, learn, practice and relish the organically produced food and dairy products. From the cultivation of herbs, millets, pulses, vegetables and fruits, to the poultry, meat and diary products, Juventa's Organic Farming division is a place where the guests can experience and learn organic farming and even start gardening in the comfort of their homes. Total Cultivation Area: 15 Acres

The Cultivation area includes space for vegetable farming, fruit farming. Herb garden, Poly house farming, Bee keeping area and Orchards.


Slated to be on of the World's premiere Golf course and Club, a 9 hole Golf Course is being developed within the proximity of the wellness center. With the amenities of a club house, premiere golf equipment, and the finest landscaping, the golf course is both a treat to the eyes as well as the perfect setting for international and national golf competitions and sproting area for individuals.

Herbal Garden

Juventa Cafe

Because the way to your wellness is through the delights of wellness recipes that not only nourish and heal you but also help you attain your best state of wellbeing

Juventa Cafe is the rare space of serenity with a fare that restores the peace, strength and power in you.

Set by the bamboo adorned rejuvenation Pool at Juventa's Integrated Wellness Center, Juventa Cafe is designed with aesthetic wooden decor, aromatic ambience and soothing Tibetan music to usher you into a Wellness Zone.

Over seen by a team of Dietitians and Doctors, the Kitchen is run by a specialist team with intricate knowledge of wellness recipes that include herbal concoctions, wellness smoothies.

Seasonal fruit based delights, nutrition rich nut based cookies and vegetable salads for people with different ages, bodyweights and health conditions.

Juventa Boutique



Juventa has India's first artificial surfing ridge-The FlowRider. Surrounded by a lazy river and adjoining the Splash water park, the FlowRider offers a surfing opportunity in the walking distance from the wellness center. Instructors are trained to introduce novices to a safe surfing experience and an incremental learning sessions to learn the basics and master the waves.

As an unconventional approach to Wellness, Surfing is a great way to

  • 1. Acquire a new skill and new muscle memory
  • 2. Explore a new dimension of balance over constantly dynamic wave
  • 3. Improve mind –body coordination and quick reflexes
  • 4. Acquire an enhanced sense of balance
  • 5. Improve overall body conditioning and realigns the upper and lower body strength

Leonia Floating Islands

Medical Tourism


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