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Juventa's Wellness Profiling starts with a consultation with one of the doctors of the centers Wellness Panel. Through consultations, the consulting doctor opens a dedicated Guest Wellness Passport and initiates the Profiling to Diagnose root cause of ailments,Medical History,Allergy List,Body Type,Psychological Assessment,Guest Wellness Quotient,Guest Wellness Goals, Ideal diet, activity, treatment and therapy.

1.Preliminary Health assessment

  1. Collect data that contributes to client health care plan
  2. Undertake client assessment for admission
  3. Analyze client health assessment data and observations
  4. Contribute to the development of individual care plans for clients

2.Assess Guest's Health Goals:

  1. A goal needs to be as specific as possible so you can work toward it and achieve it.
  2. Setting a measurable goal is the key to achieving it.
  3. Be accountable
  4. Set a realistic goal: It needed to be challenging without being overwhelming.
  5. Have a timeframe: it will motivate you to achieve ultimate goal.

Various health goals

  1. Save life
  2. Ease suffering
  3. Cure disease
  4. Prevent disease
  5. Improve overall health

3.Diagnose Guest Health

A large number of tests are widely available for a particular disorder or group of related. Other tests are commonly used for a wide range of disorders.

Tests are done for a variety of reasons, including

  1. Screening
  2. Diagnosing a disorder
  3. Evaluating the severity of a disorder so that treatment can be planned
  4. Monitoring the response to treatment

Sometimes a test is used for more than one purpose. Sometimes a disorder can be treated and at the same time a screening or diagnostic test is done.

Types of Tests

There are different types of medical tests but the lines that separate them often become blurred. For example, endoscopy of the stomach enables the examiner to view the inside of the stomach as well as obtain tissue samples for examination in a laboratory.

Tests are usually one of the six following types.

  1. Analysis of Body Fluids
  2. Imaging
  3. Endoscopy
  4. Measurement of Body Functions
  5. Biopsy
  6. Analysis of Genetic Material (Genetic Testing)
  7. Re-Assess Health Goals

4. Re-Assess Health Goals

After Diagnosing guest health condition, we come to a conclusion what exactly needs to be done. The Health goals of the guest will be reassessed and categorized as follows

  1. Immediate
  2. Short term
  3. Long term

5. Develop Treatment Plan

A Panel of Doctors from different discipline assess the guest's health condition and develop the treatment plan accordingly.

6. Prescribe Treatments

  1. A Complete Day wise schedule of integrated treatment, activity and diet plan will be prepared and shared with the assigned therapists, wellness chef, front office, guest service executive, guest and other related staff for the smooth implementation of the process. Any change in the treatment, diet or activity may be required based on the response of the guest towards the treatment. During the stay, the guest health condition is monitored and documented by doctors and nurse on a daily basis.
  2. Assessments & tests will be done during and on the completion of the program to measure the effect of the wellness services.
  3. Feedback regarding overall service experience will be collected from the guests. Discharge summary, follow-up diet & lifestyle plan will be provided at the end of program.

7. Schedule Follow-up Visits

Follow-up schedule through call/email either on weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis depending on guest requirement will be provided for continuous relationship.