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These are standard rooms which occupy most of the floors in the hotel. A set of twin beds and all the day to day modern amenities in each of these rooms come in handy and sounds classic for the guests ....


  1. Air Conditioned
  2. Why you will love it
  3. Convenience
  4. Elegance and simplicity goes hand in hand in these rooms to offer supremacy for guests over their stay time with all the essential and work related amenities in place.


These are spacious and are located in top floors of the hotel. A queen size bed, extensive bathroom, cozy corners and all the day to day modern amenities make these rooms smart to suit both business as well...


  1. 2 Adults + 1 Children
  2. 2 Queen size beds
  • The aesthetic design of these villas offers you a spell bounding ambience to refresh and revitalize with old charm in modern times.


  • Two queen size beds, Sofas, Dining table with seating of 3 and lots of free space will give you a comfortable stay.

High Tech Amenities

  • A single control panel beside your bed which controls all the lights, fans, etc. You can watch your favorite movies on a LCD TV with home theater set-up and also stay connected globally with the Wi-Fi.Specialty Private plunge pool with a cascade and outdoor showers


  • It offers a serene view with greenery and pool.