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Our Team

Juventa's team includes some of the finest professionals in the Wellness Industry. The team is oriented with the strong foundation of knowledge, experience and dedication in the field of Wellness. From eminent thought leaders to renowned doctors and award winning practitioners and therapists, the team reflects and promotes Wellness at every stage and interaction with the guests.



Juventa's Boardof Advisors include the heads of National institutions, Academic Institutions, Retired Public Servants, Propopents of various Wellness disciplines and the management.

Dr. HrishikeshAshok | Ayurveda


Dr. Hrishikesh is a 5th Generation Ayurveda practitioner who is well experiencedin dealing and managing health related issues. Over the years, Dr. Hrishikesh has enhanced the quality of life of guests with holistic wellness approaches drawn from Ayurveda. He has also a fellowship in sports rehabilitation in addition to a diploma in Yoga.

Dr Sofia Mudda | MD Naturopathy


Dr. Sofia Mudda is a risingNaturopathy practitionerwith a strong foundation in academic knowledge and practical applicationof Naturopathy. Dr. Sofia is well versed with the Hydro Therapies and mud therapies in helping guests manage chronic conditions and lifestyle disorders. Also a practitioner of Yoga, Dr. Sofia believes in the long lasting health benefits of Naturopathy. She is a first post graduate of Naturopathy from AP and Telangana.

Dr. LaxmiSaroja | Naturopathy and Yoga


Dr. Laxmi is a first generation Naturopathy practitioner from her family. She is an alumnus of BNYS, Bengaluru and is a strong believer in the discipline of Naturopathy. She had gained hands on experience of the practice of Naturopathy in the Jindal Nature Cure Hospital, Bengaluru. Dr. Laxmi is a yoga practitioner who guides individuals to attain the optimum wellness levels with a combination of yoga, diet and Naturopathy practices.


Juventa's Therapies personify the talent, training and dedication to offer a wide range of wellness therapies through meticulous attention, preparation and service in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism.

Visiting Gurus
Fitness Trainer


Certified Fitness Trainer

Former Indian National Level Boxer

Yoga Trainer

Juventa's Wellness Consultants include International and National proponents of wellness disciplines, institutions, activity experts and doctors. Through Juventa's Wellness Network, the consultants are accessible for any kind of requirement of query of the guests and clients.